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Interim Pastor, Timothy Swanson

   Advent, the harmony of time,

Squeezing through the cracks of our restlessness,

Infiltrating the deep cells of worries for tomorrow,

The penetrating Light of God's timelessness,

Whispering a gracious calmness.


The world hushes for a moment's peace

Of self-awareness cast against the skies beyond-ness

Welcoming us to greet the dawn of God.


The horizon east fringed by a trace of golden orange

Separating our time from a fading light blue growing darker.

Suspended as if in time lies the moon so dark

With a trace of light outlining its remnant

Against the black heavens.


Alone by its side glares the lonely bright Light

Of early morning...a star...a planet...the hope of Life beyond.

The morning star offering peace at the morning's greeting

Is for the moment to see, feel and remember.

Time standing still long enough to capture

The horizon of God's grace.


We clear our eyes, the day begins,

And Life arises again set to the demands

Of another agenda wanting from each of us

What it can have or take.


Will it reflect the Light of that morning calmness

Or be lost amidst the scorching heat of Life's demands,

Only to welcome the night peace again

Where time loses itself in sleep.


Where have the years gone

And to what do we seek tomorrow?

With shortness grows longingness for depth beyond time.

Do we welcome the advent of the morning star today

More than yesterday and tomorrow more than today?


So will our time be governed by the welcome Light today

More than yesterday and less than tomorrow?

O blessed Light that calms our restless todays

Putting each new day in its proper Light.


COME so much quicker that my life may be more like the child

You blessed this holy night and be more and more at peace.


These reflections came from a ride to church on a very early first Sunday in Advent. It is a poetic expression of what I witnessed that morning.


Advent is the beginning of the church year which not only sets our hearts properly for the celebration of the birth of Christ but also to his second coming; the advent of our God. It is the vision of his coming again grounded in the promise of the death and resurrection of our Lord that gives the church, the baptized, our VISION of where we are heading as a people. It is our focus just on the morning star lying under the moon that advent morning that draws our attention towards the new day promised in the horizons crack of dawn. The days demands can distract us from that promise and the church can seem to be overwhelmed with its side issues that can get us off track causing all kinds of unwanted problems. We need to remember why we are called by the Holy Spirit to be the church by centering our focus on the Vision of Gods' promise. When we do this, we can be at peace within the church through the most difficult times because we have beheld a glimpse of the glory of God that will be revealed at the coming of our Lord again.


Let us live the advent promise each day of the coming year.

Pastor Tim






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“If any want to become my disciples, let them deny themselves, take up their cross and follow me. For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake, and for the sake of the gospel, will save it.”               Mark 8:34b-35

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