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By The Rev. William O. Schwochow, pastor

Sisters and brothers in Christ,


With you, I typically reminisce and remember school beginning after Labor Day and encountering Rally Day at church services. Summer was past and it was time to get back to the work we were assigned.


Several of you have already mentioned what Rally Day is in the age of COVID-19 and when our Rally Day will be. Like so many things presently, our plans for Rally Day are on hold ... until we devise a new way of learning, (i.e., forming faith) for the foreseeable future. Your Faith Formation Team (Jenny Napier, lead) is understanding and discovering new ways to educate and inform our youth really (in-person) and virtually so that all can be fed with God's word.


I will be joining with others in leading a New/Any Member Class later this month. Despite COVID-19, we are growing and showing people who want to join our fellowship. This learning will be for anyone interested in re-allying with First Evangelical Lutheran Church. Our Congregational Care team (Barbara McKown, lead) is already at work redefining what it means to be an ally for our work, cataloging and describing our member ship in accurate ways. (See immediately below.)


Of course we rally around the Real Presence of Christ in Word , Table, and Community each week. We re-ally ourselves with Christ's mission of the restoration of the world. We rally around the Cross that defines, identifies, shapes, and forms who we really are.


During the month of October, we will be sharing stories of God's abundant generosity to us. We will be leaning toward a Stewardship Sunday and Recommitment to the word on Reformation Sunday, 25 October 2020.


Let us rally about re-allying with Christ and others to be the disciples who in Christ we really are.


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